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Consultants serving the literary, cultural and food industries.

“Last week feels a million years away, but the memory of your incredible organization and creativity is very real, and present. People have commented to me about how beautiful the set looked, and how much work it must have been to get everything ready”

- Elizabeth Baird

“The Dream Team! Thank you so very much for looking after me and our IMAX film, Journey to Mecca so well. The VIP screening event and media outreach was a great success and a wonderful, if not very humbling experience for me.”

- Taran Davies,
Producer, Cosmic Picture

“In addition to the time, energy, passion and creativity that her team puts into a campaign, the results have been staggering.”

- Leigh Ann Ambrosi, VP Marketing & Publicity, Sterling Publishing

“MDG & Associates reminds you why Publicity and PR are a finely tuned skill—best left in the hands of the pros.”

- Adria Iwasutiak,
Senior Publicist,
Random House of Canada

“Debby is the best advocate a book could have: wise, experienced, strategic, and persistent”

- Sandra Martin, author of The First Man in My Life.

“Working with MDG & Associates is a true pleasure, and together we fully achieved our publicity goals with ease.”

- Chef Anna Olson

“Polite, organized, efficient people, but merciless. If you don’t want to work hard on your book, don’t use them.”

- Doug Gibson, Publisher,
Douglas Gibson Books

“No strategy is too big for MDG and no detail too small, they are the rock stars of PR!”

- Chef Michael Smith, author of The Best of Chef at Home

“MDG was exceptional in its commitment to the project. A stream of well-organized press appearances and connections helped to turn the book into one of the top ten books for FT Canada in 2008. Simply professional, personal and results-driven ”

- Sjoerd Koopman, Managing Director
Intellectual Capital, Sid Lee

MDG and Associates has operated out of Toronto for over 26 years.

Discreet and committed to our clients, we are carefully selective of the projects we take on. We work closely with each client to determine their needs and devise the best strategy for the best results in the most cost-effective way, using a network of professionals where applicable. Our clients have included Readers Digest, the City of Toronto, the Guinness Book of Records, the Donner Canadian Foundation, Harper Collins, Random House, the Hockey Concussion Education Project, the Munk Debates, Wiley Canada, Luminato, the Penguin Group, Sterling Publishing, Taste Canada, and the Total Health Show, amongst many.




A network of professionals in Canada and the US.

Strategy, marketing and communications development.

Effective & timely corporate communications.

Private media training.

Targeted national & regional publicity campaigns.

Expert event planning, management & promotion.

Radio satellite tours.

Food styling & segment development.



Debby de Groot


“After years in this industry, having thrived and survived with all the challenges thrown at us, I have learned that nothing works better than clearly stating what I can do, then actually doing it!“

T: (647) 295-2970

Debby de Groot started her working life in the classified section of The Star in Johannesburg, and then moved on to publishing in 1982 with a seven-year stint at Harper Collins, and a small business representing publishers in outlying areas and sub-Saharan Africa. She also spent four years with Southern Book Publishers, as Sales and Marketing Director, before immigrating to Canada in 1997, and working on contract with Key Porter Books as Publicity Manager. After leaving Penguin Group (Canada) in 2006, where she was Director, Publicity and Marketing, she formed her own book pr consultancy, ddg Publicity and Marketing. Together with Meisner Publicity and Promotion, the company re-formed as Meisner, de Groot & Associates early in 2008.

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Tel: (647) 295-2970

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